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My experience:

Purchased both AirTV and USB TV Tuner from AirTV for $130

My antenna setup:

Roof antenna: Channelmaster CM-3016 Suburban Advantage TV Antenna

Antenna Booster (upstream from AirTV): 1byone® High Gain Low Noise Amplifier Signal Booster for TV HDTV Antenna, Boost Any Non-amplified TV Antenna

Coaxial Splitter/Amp (upstream from AirTV): Winegard HDA-200 Bi-Directional Amplifier For Antenna


Once antenna was hooked into AirTV, AirTV was able to find 50+ OTA stations during a rainy overcast day. I live approximately 15 miles from Baltimore and 35 miles from Washtington DC. AirTV was able to pull EPG info without issue although sometimes it's ability to update the EPG is slow.

Very impressed with AirTVs OTA capability. It was able to pull in double the stations that my TV's tuner was able to do (Hitachi). Looking forward to new firmware update to allow favorite OTA channels to be added to front menu screen (My TV) rather than buried within the Guide Menu.

Purchased AirTV with cord cutting in mind so pleased with its OTA programming capability which is not found at the moment in any other android TV box option.

Please post your experiences below.

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