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Onda Vi30D v1.4 repack with upgraded performance

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Because off the missing languages such as dutch and polish in the v1.5 firmware, I have made another repack based on the v.1.4 firmware but with the same performance as the v1.5 firmware.

-Removed all chinese apps.
-Added Gapps and Youtube.
-Contacts fix.
-Added guided installation on first boot.
-Edited build.prop for compatibility with Gameloft and performance upgrade.

Onda vi30 dual core v1.4 repack performance upgrade bertss50
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Yes, wifi location in google maps is working.
-Go to system settings-location services.
-Enable google location's service.
-Restart device.
-Start google maps and wifi location must be working.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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