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Onda V812 QuadCore 8" IPS Tablet

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If you are looking for an excellent iPad Mini alternative with a very competitive and cheap price tag, you're definitely looking at Onda's newest V812 Tablet. The very first 8" China MID Tablet packed with a powerful QuadCore Cortex A7 processor with an OctoCore PowerVR SGX544 graphics that is similar to latest iPad device. Its very good to see Onda taking the initiative to provide a low cost 8" Tablet powered with the latest Allwinner A31 Chipset is said to improve the Cortex A7 architecture offering a more efficient, more powerful than today's Cortex A9 processors.

Like Onda V972 Tablet, the Onda V812 Tablet also have a huge 2GB of DDR3 RAM and 16GB or Storage plus a capability to add a microSDCard upto 32GB. Having a QuadCore processor, OctoCore graphics and 2GB of RAM will definitely withstand every known heavy Apps and Games created for Android as of today. Users can now simply enjoy the JellyBean 4.1 Android OS's multitasking without worrying to much of resources it needs. However, like other Allwinner A31 Tablets being offered as of now to Market, this Onda V812 lacks Bluetooth Connectivity as-well. You are forced to use BT Dongles if you usually need them.

An Online Store based in Shenzhen China is already selling the Onda V812 Tablet for almost half the price of Apple's iPad Mini, you can them them for US$185.99 including a world-wide free shipping.

Onda V812 Quad Core Features:
OS: Android 4.1.1
CPU: AllWinner A31 Quad Core
GPU: Power VR SGX544MP2 8 Core
RAM 2GB,DDR3 1MB L2 Cache
Storage 16GB
Screen: Capacitive Touchscreen, 1024*768 resolution
Size: 8 inch
Resolution: 1024*768 IPS
Gravity Sensor: Yes
Camera Daul Camera,Back 5.0M Camera with Autofos,Front 0.3M
Onda V812 Quad Core Tablet PC Details:
Brand Onda
MPN Onda V812
Extend Card Support TF card up to 32GB extended
Gravity Sensor Yes
Google Play: Pre-installed
Multi-Touch Yes, 5 points touch
Android Market Yes
Skype Yes
Email and Browser: Yes, built in
WIFI: 802.11b/802.11g / 802.11n
Earphone Interface 3.5mm
Video:4K HD Videp Play with formats of MP4/3GP/3G2/RM/RMVB/ASF/FLAC/APE/MOV etc.
Battery : Li-Poly 4500mAh
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How fast is it, 2 Ghz ??
GHz isn't really not the metrics on how a processor will perform...

But to answer you question directly, NO. Its probably 1.4GHz to 1.6GHz only...
How fast is it, 2 Ghz ??
All A31 SoCs that I have seen so far seem to be clocked at 1.3 Ghz.

I'm pretty new to chinese tablets. First I saw the Archos Gamepad and wated to buy it for my little brother. Then I saw that other tablets have the same SoC, too and RK3066 isn't that bad. It's very interesting to search through almost unknown tablets for Europeans/Americans and to find out that they are market leaders in china.

Now I discovered RK3188 and A31 as new SoCs and since the Onda v812 seems to be the best for my budget I want to buy it. 7 inch would be better but who cares. sells it for 899 rmb and shipping costs seems moderate and of course Amazon is trustworthy.
I used google translate to make an account on but they wont ship this item to other countries -.- Now there are other alternatives.

This shop has no ratings yet, so it's pretty risky to order from there. But it's still the cheapest (177 USD incl. Shipping). Some kind of Gambling?

Mistertaobao would be a save alternative, but with my budget I only can afford China Post which will take months until I get it.
And this is the point. Order now and get the onda v812 in 1-2 month or waiting 3 weeks to gather some more news on tablet market like another A31 tablet in this price range or even better: a RK3188 Tablet?
Will RK3188 be better? and does anyone knows what this chip costs? like 20 USD?

EDIT: It's now in stock on (black version)!

Damnit, is there a trustworthy buying agent? can't find any, they are only taobao agents.
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And this is the point. Order now and get the onda v812 in 1-2 month or waiting 3 weeks to gather some more news on tablet market like another A31 tablet in this price range or even better: a RK3188 Tablet?
I suggest that you wait for a little longer because cube is going to release its 8 inch tablet soon and ainol too /(with GPS). I myself wait for some reviews to be sure what my next purchase will be.
I guess that you're right. From what google translation wants to tell me, there seem to be some compability issues. But well A31 is new, better support is just a matter of time. Curiously enough the Onda v972 seems to run without major bugs.
Hopefully the other companies are already putting something together and announcing new tablets soon. 7 inch, 1280x800 IPS Display, 4500+ mah, 2GB and of course a new SoC would be nice. And hopefully around 100-130 + 30 USD shipping.
I think the run on the new cube tablets will be huge.
It's available on onda site for purchase. The first to buy the first to write a review.
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I actually got this tablet on and it already shipped on the 31,

But i took ground shipping so it will be a while until I got it (1 or 2 weeks)...
The reviews could be better. Especially the battery life is an issue, but nevertheless I ordered this device for $189,99 @merimobiles (In Stock).
There is one Taobao-Seller where you can order it with the help of mistertao for $160 (144 Onda V812 + 14 Fee + 2 Shipping with China Post) but I don't like the Payment System and I need this tablet until Jan 30th.
Ive just bought one of these from Onda's own website, it was a very reasonable price,Payed with paypal and it came to about £134 including express shipping via DHL to the UK. Ill fill you in once it comes and give a mini review )
Just found a review of the V812 at GizmoChina:

"... some bugs, but worth to buy ... "
what is the difference between 812 and the new 811 quad core ??? and why they make two 8" tablets with A31 ??
811: Dual Core, the old one
812: Quad Core A31, the new one
I've just gotten my V812 three days ago. Quite please with its performance so far. Only let down for me was the battery life. They boasted a 4-6 hours battery life, but practically I could only squeeze out around 4 hours on average (min screen brightness, WIFI on).
811: Dual Core, the old one
812: Quad Core A31, the new one
No, there is V811 quad core version too. Also, V801 quad. =)

The V801 is without IPS display.
here are my Antutu test results of the Onda V812 and the Ainol Novo 10 Hero ii.

model : V812 Core4
device : fiber-onda809q9
brand : onda
manufacturer : unknown
resolution : 1024 x 720
GPU Vendor : Imagination Technologies
GPU Renderer : PowerVR SGX 544MP
cpuinfo : Quad-Core ARMv7 Processor (VFPv4, NEON)

model : Novo 10 Hero QuadCore
device : gs702a
brand : Android
manufacturer : ainol
resolution : 1280 x 752
GPU Vendor : Advanced Graphics Corporation
GPU Renderer : S5 Multicore Engine
cpuinfo : Quad-Core ARMv7 Processor (VFPv4, NEON)

..........Antutu v3.0.3 results:

..........Ainol.Hero ii......Onda V812
..........ATM7029.........Allwinner A31



CPU..1200 Mhz(*4)....1008 Mhz(*4)

I was a bit disappointed about the quadrant score, especialy the Onda, both came hardly above 3000.

Both units are very well build, good screen, no complaints about that, no dead pixels etc. Very good wifi reach and both are running smooth.
I am sure most people will satisfied about the twoo, but if i had to choose one, i took the Onda, runs overall a bit faster and has slightly brighter screen.
Compare these twoo with my Ployer Momo12, i would take the Momo12, because it is for sure not running slower the way i use my devices, its exceptional bright screen, the wifi reach, and i like its lighter weight.(-660, -560, must say, the battery of the ainol must be heavier, 8000mAh-6000mAh)
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Thanks for your feedback Janesh, in overall what do you think about the v812? it is not too heavy for a 8" inch? the antutu scores are very close of the p88 dual, which one is the best for you??
I was a bit disappointed about the quadrant score, especialy the Onda, both came hardly above 3000.
Similar results to what I have seen in other benches from China.

ATM7029 very weak in 3D. The rest of the scores are good-great.
A31 is great in 3D & SDw. High SDw boosts IO score too. The rest of the scores are good-very good.

The ATM7029 is clocked 1.2 GHz x 4 compared to A31 at 1.0 GHz x 4. That extra 200 MHz per core (ie. 20% higher clock speed) should really help give better CPU (& RAM?) results to ATM7029.

My N80 gets almost 4400 in Quadrant. Interesting to see how I score way better in Quadrant but in Antutu about the same or slightly less than those tablets. Makes you wonder who to believe. Antutu or Quadrant??? How can these tablets do really great in one benchmark and not so great in another? At least my RK3066 tablet scores very strong in both Antutu & Quadrant.

Edit: I would have to see Quadrant breakdown for those tablets to see what is going on there. ie. compare to my N80. Could be that Quadrant is not multi-threaded? etc.
why A31 is clocked only at 1GHz ? and how is the battery life ???
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