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Onda V1.4 Firmware Upate Android 4.0.4

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Hi all.
Onda has just released the Android 4.04 updates1.4rc3 Beta Firmware for below models.
See here for details

Onda Vi30 Ultimate _v1.4rc3 Beta Firmware

Onda Vi40 Ultimate_v1.4rc3 Beta Firmware

Onda Vi60 Elite/Vi60 Ultimate_v1.4rc3 Beta Firmware (Support Onda Vi60 Elite and Vi60 ultimate)

Onda Vi10 Fashion_1.4rc3 Beta Firmware

Onda Vi60 Fashion_1.4rc3 Beta Firmware

Onda VX610W Fashion_v1.4rc3 Beta Firmware

As always with flashing any new firmware backup your tablet first, and be carefull to select the right firmware for the version of tablet you have.
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i updated to rc3 but my battery drains to zero in 4 hours even on standby mode
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