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Onda V1.4 Firmware Upate Android 4.0.4

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Hi all.
Onda has just released the Android 4.04 updates1.4rc3 Beta Firmware for below models.
See here for details

Onda Vi30 Ultimate _v1.4rc3 Beta Firmware

Onda Vi40 Ultimate_v1.4rc3 Beta Firmware

Onda Vi60 Elite/Vi60 Ultimate_v1.4rc3 Beta Firmware (Support Onda Vi60 Elite and Vi60 ultimate)

Onda Vi10 Fashion_1.4rc3 Beta Firmware

Onda Vi60 Fashion_1.4rc3 Beta Firmware

Onda VX610W Fashion_v1.4rc3 Beta Firmware

As always with flashing any new firmware backup your tablet first, and be carefull to select the right firmware for the version of tablet you have.
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Took the plunge. WOW. Very impressive. I see why CWM users rave about it.

One word of warning to VI40 users running CWM9: The "UpdateMe" app notified me today of a new ROM, 2012.07.11. Don't install it. You'll lose touch-screen capability. Installing the Onda VI40 compatibilty .zip file doesn't fix the touch-screen. Stay with 2012.06.24 for the time being!

Too late! My instincts said check here first: wish I'd followed them.

Is there any way to reboot CM9 into recovery mode without the touchscreen? [Edit] Yes - the answer is plug a mouse in the mini-USB port and use that!

This is so far removed from the awful Onda Vi40 experience I thought I was doomed with it is unreal. Finally the Vi40 performing (fast/snappy)just like it should of. I'd all but given up until last night but now I am one happy bunny!
Agreed. CWM9 2012.7.11 makes the Vi40 a wonder to use.

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1 - 2 of 44 Posts
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