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Onda V1.4 Firmware Upate Android 4.0.4

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Hi all.
Onda has just released the Android 4.04 updates1.4rc3 Beta Firmware for below models.
See here for details

Onda Vi30 Ultimate _v1.4rc3 Beta Firmware

Onda Vi40 Ultimate_v1.4rc3 Beta Firmware

Onda Vi60 Elite/Vi60 Ultimate_v1.4rc3 Beta Firmware (Support Onda Vi60 Elite and Vi60 ultimate)

Onda Vi10 Fashion_1.4rc3 Beta Firmware

Onda Vi60 Fashion_1.4rc3 Beta Firmware

Onda VX610W Fashion_v1.4rc3 Beta Firmware

As always with flashing any new firmware backup your tablet first, and be carefull to select the right firmware for the version of tablet you have.
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I managed to install it ok on my Elite 16GB v3 using the offline method. It failed several times using the OTA, then I used the offline method to install the downloaded file. It installed correctly and it now reads Android version 4.04 baseband version 1.4rc3. Everything seems to be running OK. Browsers still seem slow. Thus far I have tried Ninesky and boat and stock and both are much the same. I don't get any wait/close messages but still some tedious loading time. I will try a reboot and see if things improve.

edit: after reboot Ninesky seems pretty quick. Boat the same as 1.2. There is also a funky new reboot animation of the android dude riding some coloured sin waves
1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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