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Not sure yet. Just from reading the page there are some things that concern me. 1.2GHz worries me. ZT180 is not known to run at that speed. I have seen some Chinese sites claim a 600MhzCPU AND A 600Mhz as 1.2 GHz.Not sure if that is true here.
2.this phone is stock for dealing with. perhaps there are very slight flaws on it's surface. it is new, no used. but it isn't suitable as a gift.
What? Another thing odd:Keyboard 86 keys QWERT keyboardLED indicators Power; Charging; Capital Lock; Number Lock; Scroll Lock Seems like laptop info. So is anything on this page true? Hard to tell.
10.2 inch TFT ( 1024x600 )16:9
Good I have seen a 10" 800x480 device on sale.Ethernet seems to be a mini USB to RJ-45 adapter. Nice to have.
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