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OK What have I got

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I found this on Craigslist and got it for cheap (bad charger). The label on the pad says "Model No.:M70002" but the box only says M7. It is running Windows CE 6. Specs say it is a ARM-WM8505 with 128.00MB memory. The layout on the controls seem kinda odd (I've been playing with a Eken m001 clone). Right side has stylus at the top, power slide switch, Indicator lights for wifi and battery, one usb, the audio jack and a reset hole. The bottom has a sd slot only. Left side has the volume button towards the top and the power connector at the bottom. The top is bare. There is one large bitton on right front. There is no camera. It actually has a slid door on the back so the battery can be removed. I'll try to get some pix later. I'm sure it's a clone of something (Epad?) but what. Edit: Found this. It's the exact same thing. Looks like its a Orphan M70002. Which firmwares will work on it? Want to get Android on it.
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Thanks mingnon. I can still find pics of it still on a lot of the Chinese sites but no links anywhere to firmware. I'm afraid that I'll break the firmware and can't find anything to replace it. I would like to get Android on it or also Windows CE Hopelessness Edition. I guess for $40 I can afford to break it. Thanks
mingnon. If you happen upon them let me know. I'll give you my ftp address (if you use ftp) and let you upload. Thanks
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