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OK, to hell with it. I have other stuff to do!

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OK, I made an Exell chart of Nchntman's speed test data & have tried several methods to attach the file. First, XLS is not a valid format, then the Word doc is 4 KB too large then .7zip or .rar are not valid files, so I am off to get some other stuff done. I don't think I have PKzip any more, though that is a valid file. If anyone has a solution, I will try it. BTW how can you reduce the size of a word doc. I shrunk the object (chart) size, but it didn't help.kev
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We only allow the uploading of .apks and images for various security reasons. If you want to upload anything else then either reply to the Download Requests thread in Suggestions / Bug Reports or upload to somewhere like MediaFire and link here.
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