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[quote name='korun;7128]I installed all the availible roms on here and none of them are going to function correctly till they have the screen size adjusted to 8 inch pad and not 7 inch. No amount of calibration will fix this. I have tried to look through the OS and find out the location of the screen size and cant seem to find it. And to be honest' date=' im lost as an Easter egg at this point. All other parts of the Roms work flawless and its so quick, just have to move all the icons up the screen a half inch to get them to work though :)Here hoping that someone can help us.[/QUOTE'] What you did was install firmware intended for Eken M001, their first Android Tablet Model which is a 7 in screen. You have a different Eken - the M003 model, which is an 8 in screen. That is why your screen looks like that.The closest you can get to fixing it is installing the 1.7.2 firmware from your ability to change orientation by moving the device will vanish but the screen issue will go away.
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