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For now, the latest official firmware for Cube U39GT is 1.06 and is downloadable from here:
Its features:
- Android 4.2.2 (phablet interface out-of-box).
- Custom Cube launcher "win-8-wannabe".
- Some Chinese software pre-installed (not much).
- Multi-window (there is a known issue with incorrect task switching while multi-window is disabled, see other rk-3188 firmware-related topics).
- NO root access (seems standard for 3188-based devices as well as ways to add that access, see the corresponding topic for, e.g. Chuwi v88).
Release notes: "[Description] System Firmware Update Version: Android 4.2 system Optimize system power management to extend battery life."

As for firmware updates, the following page lists firmware downloads for all Cube tablets, so, if the entry contains U39GT, it is for us :) Click the link and search for the green download button on the opened page, it is the link to the corresponding baidu file hosting.

Please note what this firmware is not 100% compatible with devices not explicitly marked as "U39GT-W". "Plain" U39GT after flashing that firmware may exhibit various issues like random reboots, absence of sound, reboot on attempt to shut down via shutdown menu, inability to switch into flash mode via BatchTool and possibly other.

Here (link near "U39GT_4.2.2_V1.05_UA_20130913") is a variation of 1.04 (but marked as 1.05). It is made for a local cube dealer and its main difference from 1.04 is the launcher (it has stock jellybean launcher) and default language (Russian), Chinese apps are absent. Still no multi-window.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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