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Hi,for all custom ROM designers, this thread might be useful: managed to run the vending.apk in the Android emulator. Is there a chance to follow a similar procedure on our device?
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i dont know if work in the eken, but is working for a windows pc!, and rock, simply download de app and copy to eken !!
iv heard around various sources that the market on the Moonse E700 or Apad is working, i should be getting my hands on one soon, ill see if i can rip it outtve there (figuratively of course) and distribute
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I'd happily donate to anyone who can get the official App Market running. I'm pulling my hair out!
[quote author=deadfunk link=topic=121.msg1007#msg1007 date=1274273856]i dont know if work in the eken, but is working for a windows pc!, and rock, simply download de app and copy to eken !![/quote]How would you make it run this file on WinXP?Please help us by providing the steps to do it.
There are other alternates to the market. Aptoide is one and Blapkmarket is another.For folks not familiar, Aptoide can be used with 'white' repositories as well as 'black' ones. Blapkmarket is 'black' apps only.just sayin'Dan
I have tried Aptoid but was very disappointed in the choice of Aps. Hardly any to choose from.But getting back on topic, has anyone got any news on getting the Official Andriod Marketplace working? Has anyone had any response from Google themselves?The thing thats frustating me is that Marketplace has some apps that are useful, and also unique to Australia, such as the ABC, and Yellow Pages apps, but they can ONLY be downloaded from Marketplace.
I'm sorry if you feel I was OT, but there are a few different repositories available for aptoid *other than* the one or two it installs with.In aptoid try:,, and As a matter of fact, those three repositories will net you so many apps, it'll take almost a half-hour to update the app with them all.Some folks are driven to correct the android market issue, others simply wanna make their slate 'work' now. I am the latter. Regards,Dan
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