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Hi all, I just got my first android device and thought I'd give my first impressions and ask if anyone has any experience with it.

The tablet is an Odys Xtense, and seems to be marketed for the Euro/German region. It's got a 10.1 inch capacitive (2-point) sporting a resolution of 1024x600.

An Infotmic x220 processor powers it, running at 1ghz/800mhz depending on who you ask. 512MB of DDR2 give it a decent amount of memory.

Overall this is a great tablet for approx. 200USD. I have a couple issues with it I'd like to pose to the SLD community:

1: VOLUME Volume is horribly quiet. Apps are loud enough (barely) music is okay in a quiet room, but video? Actor whisper in everything from old COSMOS documentaries to 720p rips of the latest CGI fueled Hollywood abortion. I have an old iPod dock that shuts off when no sound plays--plugging this in via headphone port results in the sound cutting out every few seconds. The volume is so low the dock thinks there is no sound. Anyone know of a fix for this? I understand it's common on FlyTouch tablets as well. What is the best way (other than loud headphones) to address this?

2: Custom ROMs That says it all. Any sweet ROMs for this model? Any bricking cautionary tales? This is a 9v model, and I hear that Tim's ROM is no-go on 9v tablets. Any alternatives to the stock ROM that someone knows about? model number on this is "Android Tab10" if that helps.
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