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How do you modify an nvflash cfg file to only flash a single partition? I am not sure what they all are.. here is what I have come up with by inspecting the files and cfg file

BCT = .bct file - boot config table (binary file - not sure what to do with it) - part2.img
PT = partition table (also binary, it seems to contain addresses where each partition starts) - part3.img
EBT - ? - part4.img
MBT - ? - part5.img (some kind of second stage?)
BLO - bootloader? - part6.img
MSC - misc? - part7.img
OGO - ? - part8.img
SOS - recovery - part9.img
LNX - boot - part9.img
CAC - ? - part10.img
APP - system - system.img

LNX and CAC seem to share a zImage though ramdisks are different

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You don't.

Suggestion: Go to one of the threads on how to nvflash ClockWorkMod (CWM)
and it should give you a good example of how to flash an individual
partition and the naming conventions, etc.


P. S. -- I don't know of anyone -- including the devs -- who really
thoroughly understands all the partitions, etc. If you do some
Web searching, there is a command you can give in a nfflash batch
file which will save a listing of nvflash commands, etc. to a file which
you can then print out.

If I can find it, I'll edit this.

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good info, I never thought about using nvflash outside of batch mode, perhaps it can be used in a way similar to fastboot. I'll check into it. thanks.

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BLO is not the bootloader but the Boot LOgo, the splashscreen (birds).

So here's what it should look like:

BCT (Boot Configuration Table)

PT (Partition Table)

EBT (Bootloader Table)

MBT (Another Bootloader Table?)

BLO (Boot LOgo)

MSC (MiSCellaneous hardware settings)

OGO (Another boot logo file)

SOS (Recovery)

LNX ( Kernel),


APP (Applications in System or Rom)
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