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Novel randomly turning on?

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Has anyone else had problems with their novel randomly turning on? At first I thought it was because the power slide was really sensitive and something was just knocking into it, but I've noticed it just turning on when sitting on my desk completely unmolested.
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see threads re automatic synching causing the device to come on. Most likely you are not powering off completely, but hibernating, and something on a timer is waking it back up.
I've also noticed that if the PDN is in sleep mode and you plug or unplug the power adapter it will wake up.
I have had this problem too and it was driving me crazy (along with the force close while turning to the left). PDN was turning on randomly, tesed many different launchers etc. sync was off. Turned out to be Advanced App Killer program waking it up and sucking the battery dry. Then I read tons of Android phone user post the same thing in other forums. Uninstalled and all is good.**Update** So it wasn't App Killer, however I think it still stands that Android can take care of itself when it comes to task killing.In any case, I have been having this problem since applying the hack. With all sync and background access turned off (email and system settings). After using the power button to put the PDN to sleep, after about 10min it would wake to a "twilight" state i.e. you can just barely see the screen and if you touch it it wakes up. I have made test after exhausting test, removing apps one by one etc. However, nothing seems to fix the issue. The only time it does not happen is when I am out of wireless range the wireless turns off.This is driving me mad!
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