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Still trying to get downloaded books into the library. Any suggestions?
For those new to computers:

Instructions for Windows computers only​
START MENU - At the bottom-left of your screen. It either says START, or has a 4 squared flag in a circle, the colors are orange, green, yellow, and blue.
LEFT-CLICK - Used to select items
RIGHT-CLICK - Used to pull up an options menu
DOUBLE-CLICK- Press the LEFT-CLICK mouse button twice, fast.
USB - Used to access files from an external device, like a keyboard or your eReader, on the computer. This plugs into your computer.

Turn on your device, plug the USB into your computer, on your eReader it will ask if you want to Activate mass storage device?, click the CHECK MARK. You won't be able to use the eReader anymore, and the screen will say it's in Storage device mode.

Navigate to where the downloaded file is, then RIGHT-CLICK it, and select COPY. Make sure the downloaded file is .epub, or .pdf.

Go to the START MENU, then COMPUTER, then RIGHT-CLICK your eReader (PD_NOVEL(F:)) then press OPEN. Mine says the F: drive yours may say something different. Double- click eBooks, then RIGHT-CLICK, and select PASTE.

The file you downloaded should now be in your eBooks folder.

To safely remove your device from the computer, and reduce any problems:

Go to the START MENU, then COMPUTER. RIGHT-CLICK on (PD_NOVEL(F:)), and click safely remove. There's another way to do this but I'll just leave this way for those not too familiar with computers.

After doing that, pull out your USB. Turn on the device. You can plug the USB back in, but when the eReader screen asks if you want to Activate Mass Storage?, click the X, this will keep charging your device, and you can still use it. Win-win. Go to the MAIN MENU, navigate to your library, the file should be in there, but it may have a different cover.

I'm still trying to figure out how to update it so you can see the cover, and will post when I figure it out. You may see a What did Ben bear forget to do? cover, but that's still your file. To make it easier to find your actual file in the library, despite the cover, go to the MAIN MENU on your eReader, select My Library, look at the top of the screen and select List view.

DISCLAIMER: This is all assuming you downloaded the file from your computer, I haven't downloaded from the actual eReader yet, when I do, I'll write back.

Hope this helped.

Good luck.
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