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Notion Ink Adam SDK opportunity for developers

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Notion Ink has a new posting (dated Aug 30th -- today) in which they talk about a deal for programmers/developers. See details here: Notion InkHighlights include:
  • Recently we suggested the programmers world over to send in an email at relations at notionink dot com to let us know they are interested in getting the access to the SDK (and lot more information).
  • Only 200 people will be selected to participate
  • Participants will get a free Adam.
  • Full access to the OS and UI.
  • 24/7 engineering support.
  • Private (I think) wiki and developer forum.
There is also a poll to ask who we think should have priority in this program ... application developers, users, beta tester, or other.I know this forum isn't about the Adam but wouldn't it be great if one of our hard working guru's got in on the ground floor with the Adam.
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they are struggling to stay away from the cloud of vaporware engulfing them since this February -- when SW developers of their own abandoned them, with a big scandal which almost killed their financing. As a result, on their Adam they have barely functional Android 2.0 which obviously incapable to utilize all the goodies potentially available for 1GHz double core Cortex A9-class processor with excellent nVidia GPU.I corresponded with Rohan in January-February. He's obviously desperate seeing a perspective being smashed to nothingness in the US market by any and all big companies (Google/Verizon/Motorola, Toshiba, Compal, Viewsonic, half dozen more) having plans to release 10" Tegra 2 tablets before this Christmas.
I think your info is a bit out of date. The last hands on review had it running 2.2.
Care to give a link? You possibly know that apart from hardware accelerated Flash 10.1, there's not much gain when going from 2.0.1 to 2.2. for Tegra 2, these machines eat iPads alive at Android 2.0 at any task. The thing worth considering for 10" Tegra 2 tablet development is Android 3.0, the first Android tablet OS.Which is to say 2.0 or 2.2 on Adam, don't matter, they still haz it not, lol
Your kidding right? There is a lot of gain going from 2.01 to 2.2. Just the JIT stuff alone makes it worth it. If you think the Tegra2 is fast with 2.1 wait until it is running 2.2.
Yeah, I'm really sorry, Mrs. Clockworx & B.wolf: JIT stuff might start really shine only at 2.2 level, sure. A nuisance breaking lots of things at 2.0 level, sure. However, my point was that a Tegra 250 Adam prototype was one 1080p easily handling monster at stock 2.0 back in January. It also did some serious 3D gaming, but I'm in no position to evaluate it as anything. Sure 2.2 will shine even more in many Tegra 2 based tablets, eventually. An SDK released by nVidia will help a lot, I'm just not sure NI has an access to it, ahead of Google/Moto or Tosh.
Again, I'm sorry, and I was stupid because of I was thinking Tegra 2 tablet with Android 2.0 is good enough, powerful enough for everything. Sure I can be wrong, and no kidding here, seriously.
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