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Notion Ink Adam Prices Revealed

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Notion Ink Has revealed the Prices for its Adam Tablet; Heres the quick Rundown:- The Most expensive Retails for $498 and comes with Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G and Pixel QI Display- IF you dont need either 3G or the Pixel QI display, you can get it for $449- For the Baseline Version, You can get it for $399 and it comes without both 3G and the Pixel QI Display.For full details, Notion Ink Adam Priced At $498, Cheaper Than The Ipad….by $1 ? Android Tablet Buzz
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Yet these prices are not on the Notion Ink website, why would Notion Ink announce it's prices through rather than their own website?
justquietly;37587]Notion Ink Has revealed the Prices for its Adam Tablet; Heres the quick [URL=Rundown:-]Rundown:-[/URL] The Most expensive Retails for $498 and comes with Wi-Fi said:
Notion Ink Adam Priced At $498, Cheaper Than The Ipad?.by $1 ? Android Tablet Buzz[/url]
Thats not where they announced them.. it was announced on They did a two part story with info from NotionInk.And also partially on their blog: Notion InkCPG
Um. thats exactly what my posted stated..CPG
Very sorry. I guess that's what i get for only reading half of the post ^.^'
Alibaba?now admittedly it looks NOTHING like whats on the NI website, but you gotta admit Sell Notion Ink Adam 3G with WiFi 16GB Sales, Buy Sell Notion Ink Adam 3G with WiFi 16GB Products from alibaba.comits interesting.More interesting is the reply I got on individual pricing:Good day,thanks for your enquiry,In reply,I am offering you as follows:price:Notion Ink Adam WiFi 16GB 150$/perNotion Ink Adam WiFi 32GB 200$/per Notion Ink Adam WiFi+3G 16GB 180$/perNotion Ink Adam WiFi+3G 32GB 220$/per MOQ:5PCSShipment: EMS(Free shipping), DHL.UPS(above 800USD free shipping)Delivery time:Within 24 hours . 3-4 Days to destinationPayment: Western union and Bank TransferPacking:Gift original packageWarranty:30-day return policy and 1 year international warrantyAwait with keen interest your trial orderThanks & Best RegardsMonicaand thats on a 1 off basisj
i got the same. but don't like the only way to pay is bank transfer and western union. Has anyone bought from this person?
I also contacted seller. She said Notion Ink Available. But from what I read Its not released yet.. Is this a scam
i just contacted seller also and said they are in stock. but they will only take western union for payment. is it safe to send someone money by western union? i think thats like sending a blank check. and you don't get product. anyone used western union to buy something is it safe?
Nigerian scammers want you to send money by Western Union for a reason. Wire transfers, especially to a recipient in another country, are a very bad idea. You would have no recourse if this turns out to be the scam it 99.9% sounds like. Caveat emptor
Total scam here are the real prices: * Adam Tablet with LCD display and WiFi for $399 * Adam Tablet with LCD display and 3G (and WiFi) for $449 * Adam Tablet with Pixel Qi display and WiFi for $449 * Adam Tablet with Pixel Qi display, 3G and WiFi for $498I'm waiting for it to come out as well assuming it comes out at all.
Last word was pre order in December and possible delivery ny X-mas.Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk
I think that they would be available only in Jan 2011 as per the latest information.
It all depends on Fcc approval. December the earliest of not January. Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk
I've had to take something into consideration after having a viewsonic gtablet for a few days before returning it. I know this is more a business tablet, but would angry birds work on it? Will it have flash? And even though it all sounds good on paper, would the custom GUI be all its cracked up to be? Or will it cripple the tablet like TapNCrap did to the gtablet? And lastly, will it have full market access without having to fuss with hacks? I was dead set on an Adam before I took the plunge and bought a Galaxy Tab. I have to say having everything just WORK right off the bat is just bliss. I still want an Adam too lol, but I'll be a bit more cautious this time around with a tegra II
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