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no memory card

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i just got my zt180 today and can't really do anything with it. i thought they came with 2gb of memory installed in them but it looks like you have to buy your own memory card before you can run any programs. every program i tried said no memory card. ilke i said i thought they had 2gb installed in the epad and you could buy a memory card up to 32gb. is there 2gb installed in the zt180 epads?
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Yes, there is 2GB internal But it's used to contain the File system with most of the remaining free space (~1.5GB) mounted as /nand... unfortunately many applications want to write temp files etc. to /sdcard where the added sdcard would be mounted... Not sure why they didn't have an option to just link /sdcard to /nand as for most folks that would work just fine without needing a sdcard...
is there anywhere you can check and see how much memory there is?
Sure. go into the shell - adb shelltype "df"Mine shows about 1.3GB available
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