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Nex firmware from Pandigital S10_08_20_K3

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new firmware out from pandigital...just thought yall might want to know
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sleeping optional...*edit*im maxing out at 30k a sec? quit hoggin the bandwith!
just had to redo the hacks, 8_6 notification bar hack works, connects adb, all previous hacks seem to work. first thing right off the bat it didnt see my sd card, only 8gig, but i had issues before this firmware, finally got it to see it after unmounting in and out procedure, i tried putting it to sleep overnight, since it was already 1am but i just HAD to dl this, typical wake up, dimmed screen, but i DO have ge. for some reason the keyboard seems even MORE sluggish as im using it right now via tapatalk, also my news/weather widget has vanished and is no longer on my device that i can see... wifi improved? i dont know, i guess we will see if the complaints pile in... grr fix this keyboard crap!!!
1 - 2 of 61 Posts
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