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Nex firmware from Pandigital S10_08_20_K3

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new firmware out from pandigital...just thought yall might want to know
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New kernel, new recovery, new bootloader, new PD apps,new framework.jarframework.jar means another non-ugly market fix....grrr. If you don't blow away your userdata, market should still work if it works now (since you already have an AndroidID), but I'll need to make an updated one for new usersRamdisk is the same, which means adb SHOULD be nervous after the comment above
Is the notification bar working "normally" or did they mess with that again too
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Cool, thanks...I initially did it for 8/6, then had to redo it for 7/24 after realizing they had tweaked code there too.I should see what changed in framework.jar. I think power management stuff is in there, would be nice if they were working on that.
The stock launcher doesn't have certificates to install (probably since Google just assumed it would be pre-installed). You just have to push it over to /system/app
tyrela;45731 said:
I did the standard non ugly market update and it works fine for me.
It will probably work, but they've changed something else in framework.jar. You can always use the fix and then push back the original from 8/20 after you get an Android ID, too.
I don't think the video drivers or video player foundations have changed, otherwise there would have been diffs in the lib or bin directories (unless I missed them).I thought the included PD calendar had always worked. I doubt the GE one will, I believe it is an issue between the 2.0/2.1 FW that is the issue.
Not ugly market fix posted for 8/20: appeared to make really small changes to something in framework, so I doubt the old one will break it. Tweaking something internal to Android about..ZoomControls? :confused:
Is 7/24 the last confirmed version where SD cards work correctly without libpdfhost? I can see what changed between 7/24 and 8/6 to take a guess at what they broke.Although with the rate the guys are making progress on 2.1 and 2.2 we might be leaving the PDN software in the dust
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1 - 8 of 61 Posts
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