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Eight-core comes time draws near, this time through the development of commissioning, preparing Newman K2S has entered mass production stage , after K2S network standard upgrade to TD / WCDMA 3G dual mode , the official after consultation , in order to better contribute to to consumers , the decision directly to the 16GB rom storage upgrade to 32GB, larger storage space , more mainstream configuration , so you have to enjoy the endless space !

There are lots of fake 8-core phones before,but now some one declare the Newman K2S is a true 8-core phone.Is this a real 8-core phone?Orit's also only a propaganda tool.

Ps:I saw some big online shop had sold the Newman K2S,such as the pandawill,antelife,1949deal,etc.However the Newman K2S is on sale in the 9 January. But the prices are differen from others, is it the true price?Or the prices are just maked up?


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