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Hi Aino,

Could you help me ?

I have a Teclast A15 tablet and I have to tried to flash Teclast T760 ICS 4.0.3 image to A15, it was successfully, the Android 4.0.3 started fine on A15, but the screen was weird, i think because the T760 has only 1024x600px resolution not 1280x800 px. But the touch panel doesn't worked, so I can't use the tablet, can't select language at the first screen of Android 4.0.3 after install.

The Teclast A15 and the T760 almost same hardware, but other screen panel (gp innolux 9" 1280x800px) and touch controller chip (sitronix st1564).

How can I build a working custom ROM for A15 ?
21 - 23 of 23 Posts