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new to the site and cant ID my apad

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hey all, just got my first apad like a week ago and just getting used to it, i got it off ebay for 120 delivered but it wasnt the one they guy was showing in the picture and i have no idea what it is, its all having some problems doing afew things but i feel like it will be easier to diagnosed the problems once i know what kind of table it is here are some pics
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have a look at this post back of the device looks the same, to me, different sides thoughcan you also go to settings, about device and post back what it has, it might help others to identify
hmm looks like it has the new marketplace for 2.1.go into settings scroll down to the bottom and select about phone, then select software information take a pic of that or tell us what that says
ok i took some pictures and i looked at that thread the back looks the same but the ports o0n the bottom are different here are the pics of what you asked for Uploaded with
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i will pay someone if they can help me out IDing this thing and help me with the few problems im having with the tablet like trouble downl;oading apps from android market and playing videos but 1 thing at a time lets find out what this freakin thing is
well we appreciate that but its not the money we need here is the problem with these tablets are becoming so popular.everyone and the their grandma is making tablets . So we are trying to Id this tablet . did you know that some of the tablets are actually made in peoples houses? yeah so give us some time and while u wait google shenzen and you will see what im talking about
Ok only one usb port right , so no usb host cable? meaning u cant plug a keyboard or flash drive into it
I'm guessing it has a via chip set so it falls within the Eken/flytouch/Panda. The issue that is,if you flash it , if the scriptcmd is not right you can brick your device or have a plethora of buggy issues
have been looking about for something that looks similar to the outside, but all of them appear to have the ipop style dock, not what you have, can you post the link from ebay? it may have some info on it, also can you email the person you bought it from?Also if market isnt working you can download to the sd card and install from there a program called APKtor, it works great, and look down the bottom of this for repositories, they are easy to put in, press menu button and then hit "add"What other things is it doing that you arent impressed with. We may be able to assist while trying to work out what your tablet is
not sure but maybe close, pics on the site arent the best, can someone else check to pleasehave a look at this and compare it to yours7"android tablet PC netbook laptop umpc MID M710I think this is a better picture (check 3rd picture) to compare it to think it may be it
ok the other problems are alittle hard to explain so when i get hom,e from work tomorrow im guna make a short video showing you the tablet and showing you some of the problems im having and il upload it to youtube and post a link here, btw thanks everyone for your help this seems like a great community and i really do appreciate everyones help
no problem at all, will be good to see it working, also can you check the pics listed in post above and compare to yours it may give some info to assist
ok so my tablet has the same ports and buttons as the ones in the links in ur last post but the back of mine is silver not white and it doesnt say MID on it, here are the links to the 2 videos explaining the problems im having thanks again guys YouTube - MVI 3344YouTube - MVI 3345
will have a look when i get home from work tonight :)
htowncoupe;47845]ok so my tablet has the same ports and buttons as the ones in the links in ur last post but the back of mine is silver not white and it doesnt say MID on it said:
YouTube - MVI 3344[/url]YouTube - MVI 3345
Shell and back can change, its the insides and the layout that remain constant (from what i've read/heard), if possible can you download an app called "Android system info" and see what the processor etc is. The app that attempts to be downloaded, i think is a common problem, if you do a search for market fixes/cant download from market it may help.Im not a real video person but if it has the "via" chip in it i dont think that it has enough oomf to play the video's, that or its the way it has been encoded.I'm hoping that MP4 will have another look in here and watch the vids, but i am fairly sure it the one in the links posted earlier.Fingers crossed and sorry i couldnt be more help
heres some info i was able to get from the auction thanks again Specification:eek:perating system:Google android OS RAM :128MB DDR2 800MhzDisplay :7" 16:9 widescreen 800*480high-brightness TFT LCDTOUCH control :full size touch operation, slidingmenu,functional icon dragging storage: 2GB Orientation sensor: automatic steering display screen LAN :802. 11b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED network connection sound eFFect :stereo speakers device .built-in micphone support high-speed SD card (maximum:32GB)FUNCTION:desktop :android automatically change the wallpaper (like win7),update frequencies can be set to 1 hour to 6 days E-book and office word processing ,document to go (word, excel ,ppt,pdf)support e-book function web browsing :google chome-lite browser UCWEB browser e-mail:mainstream web mail service gmail /yahoo mail/ hotmailcommunication software :fring .skypeout can call local calllong-distance canll ,overseas call and mobile call ,MSN SKYPE,GTALKGAME:g-sensor game , classic game , touch game automatic screen rotation:Four-direction rotate screenNOTE PAPER: desktop tools. support change skin weather:desktop tools,support custom size ,support change skin resco explorer:android task killer, andexplorer
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yeah thats what i thought, they neglected to put the processor info in it, can you try the android system apk
well i wont be able to download it from android market for obvious reasons lol so where elce would i be able to download it
ok the processor is a VIA wm8505
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