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New to the Novel & am looking forward to it's future.

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Hello, I am jazzed about the possibilities with this platform. I just got it 'cause I was curious & now I see that it can grow into something better!! WooHoo!I do have a problem though. I had side loaded some eBooks onto the unit & I think it had an issue with the disconnecting of the USB. When I looked at the library, the new books were not there, so I hooked it to the PC again & noticed that the eBook folder was empty. I reset the unit & moved the books into it again & they are showing now, but the pictures & video are gone. The folders are empty & there is a "LOST.DIR" folder with some numbered files. No extensions. I don't really care about these files, but want to avoid this in the future. Should I delete this LOST.DIR folder? BTW I later used Calibre to view the Novel's library & it seemed to work fine. ID'd the unit & let me move a book to it. Thanks for all you guys do. I am not a developer, but as a hardware person I am not afraid to hack my unit if I have detailed help. Looking forward to making this thing great!Cheers,kev
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