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New To Slate Droid!

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Hello everyone!My name is Zelka, I am from Australia!I have just purchased a 'droid slate from dealextreme, and I thought I would join this community!I hope I can contribute something useful and learn along the way!Kind Regards,Zelka
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Heyya Zelka, is great to see another Aussie in here :) theres a few of us about, everyone in here is helpful, and there is plenty to read in the threads cheers
Nice! That is good to hear, hopefully I can also be one of these helpful people.Yeah I have many tabs lining my browser of threads to read hahaha!
Newbie today . Helper tomorrowWelcome aboardSent from my Eris using Tapatalk
i am here ,couldt wait to say hello,i love android,android mobile,and tablet pc
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