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Umi Zero 2
UMi plans on announcing the successor of its UMi Zero, UMi Zero 2, and it will have a much stronger bezel than the former and claimed to be one of the most durable one in the smartphone market.
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The bezel of UMi Zero is quite delicate since it only takes a small amount of force to break it. The smartphone's primary weakness lies in the corner, and if you happen to drop the smartphone from a fair amount of height, then there is a very high chance that it will crack immediately, leaving you with an irreparable smartphone. We believe that UMi Zero 2 will improve upon heavily where UMi Zero left off.
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Also, UMi Zero came with a MediaTek MT6592 chipset that was running an octa-core processor at 2.0GHz, so we can expect an upgrade in the hardware specifications department as well. As much as we would like to see Helio X20 present in UMi Zero 2, we are not so sure that it is going to be present since we have not received any word that the device is going to be a flagship. We can expect that UMi Zero 2 is going to have more than 2GB of RAM, since UMi Zero had 2GB present underneath it. We can also expect a high-end fingerprint scanner since the low-end category of smartphones belonging to the company are coming with this high-security feature. Inshort, with the biggest change from UMi Zero 2, the device will have a much stronger bezel than the original UMi Zero.

UMi iRon Pro
After reviewing the affordable UMi Hammer S, we have to say that the company is more than capable of making devices that have affordability and a large list of features that you can only find on flagship smartphones. Now, UMi iRon Pro is said to be the company's upcoming device that not only features impressive hardware, but the company has also taken the liberty of providing the consumer with high-levels of security.
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Underneath the smartphone, we have a MediaTek MT6753 chipset and a screen size of 5.5 inches that is going to give off a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The device is going to be an octa-core chip, and 3GB of RAM present plus 16GB of internal memory. While these specs are quite decent, let us talk about the three primary selling points of UMi iRon Pro. Since Android is not the most secure mobile operating system out there, so UMi has taken matters into its hands and placed not one, but three concrete security walls in the form of an iris scanner and a voice lock functionality.
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With an iris and fingerprint scanner combined with a voice lock functionality, it will become significantly difficult for hackers to bypass through this level of protection, forcing them to attack users which have a considerably low level of security. Also, UMi iRon Pro will not feature a microUSB 2.0 port, but a USB-C port, and it will be able to read and write files much faster compared to the former's interface.
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If UMi iRon Pro is priced the way its UMi iRon was, then we believe that the company will become a top player in the smartphone industry.


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