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Hello All,I have followed this site and forum for a while now but have just now registered to be able to post. I have just received my new tablet and am getting familiar with it. I have been an Android user for about 6 months now in the form of a CDMA Hero on Sprint. I am running CyanogenMod6, Test4 version of 2.2 on the Hero and am really loving the speed and battery.I will post a description and a few pictures of my new tablet in the appropriate section very soon (after I play for a bit). It is a 10.1" tablet that was supposed to be running 2.1 on a ZT-120 (Cortex-A6), but alas, it is not. It appears to be based on the RK2808. I am actually OK with that since it seems to be the most supported CPU here.I'm glad to be here. Hope I can contribute along the way.Troy
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Bur what is the android version? 1.6, 2.1 , 1.5?
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