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new M70003 new headaches

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just bought thing and it has problems1 annoying demo purpose only in corner2 will not play videois there a newer osit showsmodel genericfirmware 1.6kernel ver 2.6.29-00236-gf8dbbb-dirtybuild 1.7.2Help please
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It seems that the version of android that was on my tablet... had a bunch of problems. The guys who configured it, did not configure it appropriately. Aside from a bunch of Chinese apps that I would never run, they had telephony services running in the background. Why would this be set this way? I think that the people who configured the master image did not care or did not know that these services were running. This is not a phone so the 3G services do not need to be running. The dialing program does not need to be running either. There are a few like this. i imagine that the default priority that the android assigns to these processes are probably "high" in that they take a lot of processing power from the CPU... to service. The "cleaned" version of the 1.6 android (SDK version 1.7.4) eliminates all this crap. Therefore you will see a much more responsive touch screen and things will work much better. I would say... new M70003, then flash it with the cleaned ROM.Still some bummers here... the Magic Album front end is nice... but the programs they reference crash 75% of the time. I just need to delete that stuff. Too bad as the front end looks sexy. You can find your own programs to load on there for MP3s, Photos, E-mail, etc.There are instructions in these forums for flashing the ROMs... follow them. KEEP THE UNIT plugged in... if you run out of power while "flashing" the firmware... you can "brick" the slate...which means it is as useful as a brick...and it won't work... probably never again. You need a micro SDHC card to flash a ROM... This is not rocket science... but you need to be patient and read some of the forums.Good luck
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