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So I call up Pandigital's customer service and told them that I am 100 percent sure I downgraded my firmware for the S10_07_04K. He tried to tell me that there is no such thing as 05B and that the last release they had on their website was in June.So I told him all the things the new firmware did which included a faster boot time, no e-reader landscape problem when trying to switch orientation from portrait to landscape while reading a book, and overall faster response time.He tells me asks me several times to repeat back to him the firmware I had and claims there hasn't been any new firmware for these units.So I mentioned that other people have reported having the same new firmware I had, and he said that corporate might have not told them about it yet. How does corporate Pandigital expect these people to do their jobs right if they forget to mention something important like ... oh... say... a firmware update?! He said he will get in contact with me as soon as they have a new firmware upload available and took my email info down...I really wouldn't care so much if only it didn't cause my novel to boot SOOOO slow. Granted I have another android home on my Novel now thanks to Nate and Meth, but it takes a long time to even boot the darn thing up.
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