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New here, Hello!

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I just signed up for your wonderful site and forums! I've got an M003 coming, and was interested in upgrading the firmware, and that's how I found you all! You've got an excellent site going here, LOTS of great informatioin, and I look forward to being involved :) Thanks!
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Welcome, i like the large screen and 4x3 ratio of the M003.Keeping this one for a while. May get a faster more ram version if they ever make it in this size/screen
I'm thinking along those same lines. Coming up from a Dell Axim Pocket PC and many laptops (my wife tinks too many, lol). On the Axim, I was able to double the RAM by soldering antother chip piggyback on the existing chip. Is this possible on the M003? Do you know if anyone has tried it?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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