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New Firmware Available for M003 1.7.4 Got the news from the M001 tear it apart forum

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However.. I am trying to download it now from their site and its saying there is 1 day left...Apparently someone might put a mirror up for it.. I guess time will tell..cheers
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The link above is just opening up with a whole mess of nasty ads.As soon as I can get this file, I'll put it on a server with better bandwidth.
Same here on buying an app, no dice. I let it do "Downloading" overnight and it was still stuck there when I woke this morning. Sigh.On a more positive note, the upgrade seems to have made the tablet much more stable. If you download a task manager app and are careful with your memory usage, the M003 is quite useful.
Anyone know what the root password is on this updated firmware?
1 - 4 of 39 Posts
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