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New firmware 1.9.0 ?

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Found I'm version firmware 1.9.0 on page interesting
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BobRyan;37206 said:
root and swap/market fix work fine without anything special. touch screen is 5 times better than it was (not sure I've had any unintended clicks in a couple hours of use). wifi seems good though I haven't had it unplugged long enough to test the battery life. I think this might be the rom everyone has been waiting for.
How did you get market installed?..
Roger Calver;37848 said:
Market was never in any of the official Eken firmware ROM's and Im guessing thats due to licensing reasons.
eken official 1.7.4 contains a working market
I stand corrected, I didnt actually use the offical 1.7.4.I will get that downloaded and open it up to look.
It seams this firmware (and possibly all older) is very prone to the infinite booting problem after uninstalling previously installed applications. Initially I thought this was related to the core applications provided with the image but from my trials it looks this is also true with other 3rd party applications. Maybe this is a Google Android 1.6 limitation for all I know.
Have you tried to directly copy the vending.apk to the /system/app/ folder?
Blitzkrieg1942;39985 said:
Have you tried to directly copy the vending.apk to the /system/app/ folder?
Yes but it didnt work.
I've cooked a new rom for my M002 and added some things and now I have google apps including market working correctly...As a guide, I added these files to original rom in the android_fs.tar:system/app directory for google stuff plus some other utilities.Apkmanager.apkCalculator.apkDeskClock.apkEnhancedGoogleSearchProvider.apkGmail.apkGmailProvider.apkGoogleApps.apkGoogleBackupTransport.apkGoogleCheckin.apkGoogleContactsProvider.apkGooglePartnerSetup.apkGoogleSearch.apkGoogleSettingsProvider.apkGoogleSubscribedFeedsProvider.apkgtalkservice.apkImProvider.apkMediaUploader.apkMoreRecent.apkMusic.apkNetworkLocation.apkPinyinIME.apkSetupWizard.apkStreet.apkSuperuser.apkTalk.apkVending.apkyoutube-low.apkNow the tricky part that I suppose is what you miss. Not sure if needed, but required for other google services./system/etc/permissions/ market you still need root access and your google idHope that it helps. It worked for me like a charm.
Excellent !, it was the lib part I was missing.
Now looking at an automatic methold of fixing Market ID.
This looks good - it even has Lite Edition
10x. Hopefully Roger will implement the speedups in Vestinious.
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metal03326;40408 said:
This looks good - it even has Lite Edition
10x. Hopefully Roger will implement the speedups in Vestinious.
Check out my new FW 1.2.0, Google apps working (Gmail, Market etc) and is a lot smaller in size.
Ey RogerThanks a lotThis is a great rom. I have now working the android market and the devices performs well. I also think that the response of the touchpanel (false double click) is now better.Again, thanks a lot for your work and for sharing it with us
Hi everybody,I've "demo version has expired" message with any FW that I install in my Eken M001. Anybody knows how to solve this problem?Thank you in advance
daniel1981;46971]Hi everybody said:
Another user had similar problems and succeeded in solving it here: (post 35)
bitrate001;44900 said:
I have an eken m001 and have suffered of the demo purpose only/Demo version expired message. I have used the 1.7.1 trick to get rid of the big annoying screen message. Yesterday I installed Vestinious 1.2.2 rom and when connecting to wifi the nag screen suddenly was gone.I have no clue how this happened but I'm really happy that it's gone!Regards Bitrate
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