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New Epad today - Need Clarifications!!!

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Hi All:Got my epad today from Flat Computing - At least that's what it displays when it boots up. It seem to be running the build from 0803 which I assume means the 0804 firmware.Here are my first quick feedback on it.1. Device looks good and fairly strong - Definitely seem like plastic but overall sturdy enough for the price.2. The software seem very unstable had to hit the reset switch several times too often.3. Can't download applications yet as I need to add an SD card for that. So I will take care of that.4. The wireless and browsing works fine so far.. Here are the questions I have1. Heard this annoying sound when I click the screen; is there anyway to turn this off or at least change the sound?2. Heard the sound like a motor trying to do something in the background. Do we know anything about this?3. Does Skyfire work with youtube off the bat? I notice when I try to play a video its asking for flash upgrade.I am sure, I will have other questions but these are the main ones.
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1 - Yes, under Settings > Sound & Display > Audible Selection, deslect it2 - No idea, mine is silent.3 - No, The only way to see youtube videos on the current firmwares (0809/0818) is to use the youtube apk. This has been covered in multiple threads. A few minutes research on here would have answered that for you. Not getting at you personally but at least half of the questions that people post have been answered multiple times.
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