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No, before it was 2 X 3500mAh(3.7V) = 3500mAh @ 7.4V, ie connected in series.

With 1 battery, it likely is 3500mAh @ 3.7V.

Stored Energy = Wh (watt hours) = [email protected] = [email protected] = 25.9

The AML8726-M1 runs @ 7.4V and probably uses standard RAM chips. For that reason, it would have used more power over time.

The AML8726-M3 runs @ 3.7V and must use mobile RAM. For that reason, it will run about 2 hours longer on the same battery size as the M1. So, Zenithink probably decided to cut their cost down by using single battery only.

So, by going to 1 X [email protected], Zenithink halved the battery's stored energy but since chip now runs @ 3.7V it gained about 2 hours extra battery time.

ie, if battery time with original was 5 hours you would now get 5/2 + 2 = 2.5 + 2 = 4.5 hours of use.,etc. ie, So, battery life is lost by going to single battery. 2 X 3500mAh batteries in parallel would have made the Upgrade tablet run for about 10 hours.
Or just one massive 6KmAh single cell would solve the problem.
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