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I use 25 Pipo S2 tablets in an educational setting. I originally bought several external batteries of the following type to use to keep the tablets charged, avoiding the need to plug in several AC adapters.

The above charger does not work with the Rockchip 3066 chipset, though it does work with many other devices. Incidentally, the power banks I have are marked 12000mah, though in reality they are only 10000mah or less, maybe just 8000mah -- so goes Chinese marketing.

Does anyone know of an external battery that works with the S2? I have two of the following, which do work with the S2:

This is the only external power source I know of that works with the S2. At approximately $80 per unit, it is not feasible to get several of these for an educational setting. Furthermore, I don't think solar charging works on these external power banks. Though I don't really need the solar charging function, that function, working or not, raises the price tag too high.

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