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Hi, Hopefully someone can help me, I'm trying to track down anyone who sells the 30pin to USB/RJ45 external adaptor for the M002 device. I've seen quite a few people bundling it with M002 devices, but as I've already gotten the device I just want the external connector. You can see the device I mean here Sunsky - M002 with Lan Port, 7 Inch ePad Android OS 1.72 Version tablet PC Netbook UMPC, 1.3M webcam, Support WIFI, RJ45/2 USB port adapter, CPU: ARM 9 platfrom, VIA WM8505, 300MHz It's the middle picture at the top of the display. I've looked on ebay, google, etc. and I cannot see them seperately anywhere. So if anyone has one that isnt using it, or knows of anyone selling them, I would appreciate it.RegardsNeil
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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