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Need restore image for bricked Rockchip RK2808A

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Made by ZTO (far as I know..??)
7" android tablet
red LED (9vlt)
metallic casing
SPECS match the 'alternate batch 3' description for iRobot but mine does not say 'iRobot' on back, only image of android in oval.
Device opens with suction cup (not peeling the sides)
I verified mine has a Rock Chip.

I tried to flash after the device began rebooting over and over. Could not even click on anything between reboots. Flashed with incorrect software and 'bricked' it. Used the needle trick to gain access again on the PC but now only able to 'restore' with the tool as I have apparently overwritten the boot files. I've read a lot more but in WAY over my head at this point. Does anyone know where I might find a generic restore file that would work on this device?

Otherwise I'm going to venture to the over-my-head world of 'rooting' and will never be heard from again... LOL!!

Thanks very much for any assistance!!
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Update - I 'restored' with apad_rk2808_v4_tim_edition.img. The device now powers on but there is only a faint image of the fades out to a white display. : (
I have an orange TB001 That is bricked, need some help !

I believe that is a Rockchip 2808 CPU : 600 Mhz RAM: 256 MB FLASH: 4 GB
I did the same thing, but the needle trick didn't work. Is there anything else to do?
this is my original firware for a view quest 8 ver1 tablet on 1.5 if this helps.
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