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Need Help Updating Firmware ONDA vx610w

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I've had no problem updating an ainol advanced, because there are easy to follow directions online, but I cant seem to manage to update the firmware on the Onda vx610w.

My issue occurs when you come to the point on livesuit where you are suppose to press down on a key while you push down on the power button several times. I feel like Ive tried everything. Ive pressed down on the home key and then connect my tablet to laptop then push down on power 10 times, but it doesnt work. Ive tried the same with the menu and the escape button. Ive even tried simply pushing down home key and these keys at the same time.

Whenever I connect my tablet.. I hear it connect to the laptop before within a second before Im able to do anything. Then a yellow exclamation pop up appears.

Help would be much appreciated. This is really frustrating.

Update: I found a guide online that said it was necessary to turn it off, unplug it. Then push down the menu button and reconnect it.. It still doesn't work I only get a yellow exclamation pop up. What am I doing wrong?
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Ive gotten one of these aswell and it does work really well, my wifi turns off when im not using it, you couod try getting wifi lock from somewhere else and installing it your self, you shouod be ok as its free in the market and its gotta be worth a go mate

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Mine has done that a few times but I turn it off then back on and it works, have you tried reflashing it mate

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This may be a silly question but have round tried the reset button on the back?

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hey mate ive done some reading and ive found these that are worth trying (well there free so you cant go wrong lol)

try them and see how you go
What do you need to know mate I've not found an English one but I know my way around it pretty well

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