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I´ve buyed a Car DVD for my Car from China. The Device has a Android 2.3 on Stock. The Device is Based on SMDVK210. The communication between me and the manufacturer is somewhat difficult. The manufacturer understands my not ask for a possibility for a recovery and gives me the wrong answer cause something completely different (or they do not understand me). I tried to root the device. This went with Framaroot only so halfway. Although RootChecker indicates that the device is rooted and superuser would also manage the right. An app to the system folder to move still does not work due to missing write permission.

The reason for the modification is that the device error when saving app data has. Some programs from the PlayStore not go away after a few days. It displays errors like missing encoder or missing registry entries. Therefore, I am looking urgently for a possibility to update the software.

I attach you an image of the device.

Sorry for my Bad english
I´ve used the Google Translater



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