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My NEW Android Store -- anyone interested?

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UPDATE: Sept 7 -- Last UpdateIM NOW LIVE !!Have my own Store Thread on SlateDroid -- HERE --Please check there for Information and my Official WebstoreThank You,James
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Yes it is something I would be interested in. Let me know when you get the site up....meanwhile I will keep looking for a 7in, with GPS.
thanks mateplan to be up for wednesday... just trying to get some flash code for the site.about GPS.. you know, you can just use Google Maps with Directions as a poor man's substitute (grin)I've not seen one with a built in GPS
Well hows about bluetooth? Or even full size USB with a tiny Bluetooth dongle.
The 7" Telechip 8902 would be an interesting one.I just requested my money back via PayPal as MP4Nation doesn't deliver.So in 10 days I may order if your site comes up.Regards,Robert
Will you be shipping to the UK or just America/Canada ?, and will you be selling more tablets ?
Thanks Rob... hope to help. I'm hoping for Wednesday being up. Might be a little optimistic. I forgot to encrypt the Paypal Buttons, so I have to catch up with the supplier again and go through the process with her... If not... then by Thursday.Think you'll all like the Droid Logo on this !Roger. Yes Will be able to ship to UK. I just worked out firm shipping within North America, I'll ask for a set price to the UK... forgot many friends in here are from our damp overseas friends (grin) -- going through a +32C heat wave in Eastern Canada ! Followed by an upcoming Hurricane.Tablets I plan to sell are the HSG X5A (rom 297 + currently 348), the ZT180 10" (not bothering with what firmware because it all needs to be reflashed anyway-- and got a Great price on these).I PLAN on having the HSG X-series with working G-sensor and Full size USB when the manufacturer releases it (no date or price... supposed to be soon. Currently be ware anyone saying Telechip with working G-sensor and Full size USB)I dont plan on any more.I don't the other models, I can't speak for them, so I won't carry.I inquired about the Wits A81e, but she can not offer competitive pricing and so, I won't put it up. And I'd sooner move people to the HSG model anyway.Hope that helps Roger. My partnered supplier really knows the droid market and the scammers. She even double checked my projector biz for me (grin.)If there was a model you were looking for, let me know, and I'll see what price can be had, and what build reliability there is first. I just want to offer what I believe I can trust.Kindest,Jim
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I'd actually rather see what you could do for witstech A81-E instead of the ZT-180...
i like the prices of the zt, even with shipping to US its the lowest ive seen. def, post a link, my b-day is coming up
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I think that to have a reliable and contactable place to buy tablets from would go down very well, especially as you have a forum presence. Before you start posting links though I think you might need to chat to either MP4 or Willo as we have some rules in place about business advertising etc.Hope it all works out for you
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Mike. thanks.. ive had some message from that direction, i think we will be good.I'm certainly not a big business... more like a referral with price break for all benefits (grin)And yeah, no links being offered just yet. [email protected] well, you asked... and I've got the WiTS WITH GPS.... gotta wait on a price til I get in the SBS forum.... sorry mates(hope to be signed up to SBS shortly.... thanks for the patience... just one average joe working out the details (grin))
I'm guessing by the shipping cost that these will actually be shipping from China?
hey john, yeah, i believe i put that in my first post.i am dealing direct with a supplier there. difference is this one knows her stuff, she knows to only ship certain roms, i have actual screen shots of the items.she requests certain cases, requires secure shipping, offers warranty etc..and shipping is like 2-4 days(besides... it's ALL China, trick is finding the Non-Wild West places....)
Yeah, I know... must've missed that in the first post, but shipping price is a dead give away. Yeah know too all about vendors, hell even the ODMs, e.g. Zenithink...
UPDATE: SEPT 2Good News ! Been Approved to List my Store on SlateDroid ! Thanks Guys !I'll be in the SMALL BUSINESS SECTION shortly, just finishing arrangements.Thanks for the Patience, it's worth it .James
JimAny pricing info yet? can you email me the prices of both zt180 and hsg with shipping to US..thanks..
Check first post --- i'm live now
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