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my "mod"

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So... i took it apart almost as soon as i got it in the mail to add a usb hub.. long story short.. i was unsuccessful. and rather than reopen it and put everything back in its place.. i opted to just throw some electrical tape over the wifi dongle thing and stick it to the back... that got annoying and i took it apart to put it back inside.. and while i had it apart i decided to paint the back... this is what i ended up with.Uploaded with ImageShack.usUploaded with
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[quote name='donaldson;17993]Yeah' date=' I remember the crazy color coding on the wifi usb wire - the hard part of it was the wire had the right colors - red white green black - just in the wrong order! What a nightmare waiting to happen for sure! BTW - love the paint job![/QUOTE']Aha, another case of non-standardized wire color coding. Not good......
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