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Good write up of your experience with N70S.

Some comments:
#1. Crystal had MVA display but switched to TN. MVA is really close to IPS but not quite the same. Minor differences. N70S may use MVA display too. Aurora-II & Fire have IPS. Crystal are now shipping with TN displays which have the worst viewing angles.

IPS is the best, then FFS & MVA and last is TN (the worst).

#2. Battery on 7" Chinese tablets will run average about 4-4.5 hours. One or two of them can do 5-6 hours. Less than that if you just game all the time. Especially 3D games.

#3. Sleep will drain some battery power over time. Best to turn off when not going to use it for 4 or more hours. Especially overnight.

I agree that the N70S is a nice starter tablet for people on budget or for children to use.

PS, you did great by buying tablet with RK3066 chip. Gives off less heat and better at 3D gaming too. One of the best ARM chips out there today.
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