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My apad shipped with firmware version 2.1! is this possible?

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as far as I know, there is no any Apad based on firmware version 2.1, but It shipped with 2.1...I bought 3pcs Apad from chinese seller and there are two Apads are based on 2.1 and the other one is based on 1.5. It's strange..I assume that my two Apads which are based on 2.1 is alternative batch 3 version. I can see the red light when it charges but the output voltage of adapter I received is 9V. the other one indicates blue light.Anyone has an idea that how to get this version 2.1 firmware from the web or just extract it from the Apad via USB connection?
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I have received one of these 2.1 Firmware APAD's as well. The info screen gives identical specs as the one listed here. Does anyone know if it is possible to load alternate Firmware to this APad?
mogrith;71932 said:
Justpictures in the market is supposed to use the live wallpaper function to do slideshows. you could try that.there also is a version here at slatedroid JustPictures - Downloads - SlateDroid - The BIGGEST Android Tablet Forum on the Web!
I know that my Apad (shipped with this firmware) is a faked 2.1 firmware. It cannot see 2.1 or 2.2 apps in the market. It also cannot install these apps if I try to load them from my SD card (Kindle, ADW, XScope, etc...).Can anyone suggest if there is an alternate firmware to put on this Apad (Red charging light, 9V, IRobot logo on back, aluminum housing)?Thanks
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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