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MOST important thing on a ROM!

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Ok, i first bought a M70001, it came with something that i tought it was standard: clik HIBERNATE, aonther click wake up, ready for action.After some firmware upgrade it lost hat ability.Even when I went back to the original firmware, it didn't came back.I have a M001 too. and every FIRMWARE I've tried on both devices doesn't have hibernation. If I activate it on scriptcmd, the menu appears, but simply doesn't work.I would think that, with this small batteries, and such long boot time, this would be a feature everyone would want!Questions: How do I get HIBERNATION Back on my 70001?And more important: when will we get HIBERNATION on our M00 firmwares?Thank you
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I've found that when I push the POWER button on my M001, the screen goes dark. This alone lowers battery consumption, but it is clear the system is still running as the battery continues to go down. I;ve found - so far - that with ECOTOX v1.1.1 the battery goes down more slowly than it did with stock Eken Firmware v1.7.4 or Slatedroid v1.3. But Hibernate? I don't care.
I don't find the boot time that long. I'll turn off the screen but if I have it on I'm normally on Wi/fi and want updates. I also spend only a few hours were I have the pad but no power to plug into. Lunchtime, Weekend morning at starbucks etc.So Hibernate No big thing. dont care? if you take your tablet out of the house all day, you take it ON draining your small battery, or it goes off, and you wait 90 secs for it to turn on?
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