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I have been continuing to goof around with the power draining problem.Reading several android forums looking for clues on the power issue I discovered we are missing one of the most cited tools: Settings > About phone > statusOn my PDN when I select this I get a forced close. If it worked I have read that at the bottom of a long list of information there are 2 lines that show up time and awake time. Much of the problem we are having is trying to understand the differences. Another piece of info we are missing is under Spare settings > battery history.THe second pull down on this page has options for total since unplugged and total since boot. I have never seen these 2 options to yield different results and they should. So I suspect there is something wrong with the way these statistics are maintained. The best information we do have is under settings > about phone > battery use.At the top of the screen is time since unplugged. To get the awake time you use Spare settings > battery history. Select Other usage and since last unplugged. There are bar charts that show percentages of time spent. If you press the bar for running you can get the total time (not percentage) spent without sleeping. This number is critical to understand draining power. If I check this number, turn my device off for 10 minutes, turn it back on and check it again.. It doesn't go up. And it doesn't matter if you use the time out or the power switch. I don't know the official name for this state... I will start calling it deep sleep until some knowledgable person tells me what the proper name is.. So deep sleep is desirable to saving your battery power.. If my device was not at the homescreen but in some app when it went to sleep it would frequently not go into deep sleep...i.e.. the clock was running. This is app dependent. So to be sure I could go to deep sleep I would always exit all running apps to the homescreen before sleeping.When you sleep for longer periods of time is when this gets very interesting. And it is highly dependent on what is all running in the foreground and background. When there were monitors running in the background it would not stay in deep sleep. The time was not constant. But rarley more than 30 minutes. So I removed all the fancy power apps. I had installed.. energy savers, power managers, battery monitors, and task killers. I could again go into and stay in deep sleep.Last night I decided to try a more exact experiment. I rebooted my PDN before going to bed. I kept a paper and pencil by my bed. I checked that there were no active foreground tasks or services running, copied down the running time number from was 5 minutes. I let the device turn itself off. I woke up 4 hours later and the screen was still dark. I turned it on and checked the running time... It was 6 minutes. ...this is good 4 hours gone by...1 minute of running time..So I put the device to sleep by sliding the power switch. The screen was totally off. After an hour and 15 minutes I woke up.. The PDN was glowing very dimly in the dark at the android unlock switch screen. Touching the screen did not wake it up.. I had to move the power slider. I then checked the running time. It was now 20 minutes. So I believe that something that is part of google experience woke my device up partway after around an hour of deep sleep... the screen remained on but very dim.. and the device was considered awake and running. So I let my device turn itself off this time. I slept for 3 more hours. When I woke up the screen was still dark. I turned it on and checked running time.. It was 21 minutes.. Deep sleep all the way..Achieving and keeping this deep sleep state is not convenient. It involves turning off numerous backgound settings discussed elsewhere, shutting off wifi, not running any foreground apps, shutting off any services, and if you installed GE letting the device timeout instead of sliding the switch.
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