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right with so many imatations on the market of Ipads everyone posts something how can i have help with this tablet and that tablet.can we get a thread going that can help most users that have an imatation device. weather it be called Moonse e 7001 or apads or i robots or smart pads or what ever the case maybe some have webcams some dont some have hdmi connecter some dont, some have rockchip some dont. some specs are different in some tablets. etc etc....the most common thing most of these PADS have is The Google Android 1.5 operating system and there from lets start there. Some people have an issue with deleting the pre installed chinese apps. weather it be stupid games or social networking apps from china. watever the case maybe.i myself still cant delete them. best i can do is used the pre installed program called apk to delete apps i downloaded from the market but not anything that came pre installed on the can we start a thread and hopefully the administrators will sticky this for the people that fall under this categorydo you have a pad imatation from china ?does it run android 1.5 as it's operating system?has anyone had success in delete the pre-installed aps.has anyone been able to speed up there device by flashing it or any other means ?does anyone know can a different operating system run on these Tabletshas someone managed to put together some tutorials for these pads.please feel free to add your own questions to this or in fact answer any that have been asked already.and message to the admins any chance you could sticky this thread.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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