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Momo11 Speed Root + ROM Guide

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I was hoping someone out there could point me (and anyone else who is a novice like myself) in the right direction of a step by step "lamens terms" guide to rooting my Momo11 Speed as well as giving their opinions about which firmware/ROM is the best the flash onto and how I go about doing this (again - in lamens terms!).

Thanks in advance.
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You're the second person to point me in that direction so I'm guessing everything must be there that I need (sadly I still don't understand it yet though...... for instance, what does CMW stand for and how does it work - where does it store the system back-up?).

I'll have to have a look when I get home tonight because I can't register on my works comp and it won't let me look through any more posts.
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Hi, I answered here before looking at the other thread, then put a long answer there to one of your questions. Have a look there :)
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