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I have a Sanei N90 (Allwinner A10) with CM9 nightly ROM (Christian Troy).
Just for fun and learning I have decompiled and recompiled some system apk's; edited some images, xml translations etc.

What can I do to remove/hide the phone capabilities from the tablet (e.g: systembar signal icon and setting menus)?
Where do I start? Do I need to edit those un-understandable smali's? Isn't there any build.prop type of file that enumerates the tablet's capabilities; that tells the OS what to show and what not to show in systembars and menus?

I've read about and tried/did remove Phone.apk and the related TelephonyProvider.apk to hide the systembar signal icon. But then, still the phone-related menu settings show up, and crashes if I click them. And what if some day I connect a 3G usb transceiver? Who wrote this OS? Am I missing some logic?

How to auto-hide phone-related stuff on my tablet?

Many, many thanks for reading this.
Any help, tips or starting points appreciated,

Christophe aka Petit Jean
the Netherlands
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