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In this short post I gathered all the links with the different versions of firmware tested by me for Rikomagic MK802IIIS.

1. Rikomagic MK802IIIS 20130121 firmware (JB 4.1.1, official version)
2. W2COMP 27012013 firmware (JB 4.1.1, custom version)
3. Stock Firmware for MK806 / MK807 Mini PC (JB 4.1.1, unofficial version)
4. Finless 2.0 Rom Beta (JB 4.2.2, custom version)
5. MK808 Android 4.2 Beta (JB 4.2.2, unofficial version)
6. NeoTV CR 1.7 Neomode firmware (JB 4.1.1, custom version)
7. CX803B 2G 0322 firmware (JB 4.1.1, unofficial version)
8. iMito MX1/2 Finless ROM 1.7a firmware (JB 4.1.1, custom version)
9. UG007 FengHuang v0.4 firmware (JB 4.1.1, custom version)
10. Kasty Imito MX1/MX2 20130204 rooted firmware (JB 4.1.1, custom version)
11. MK802IIIS8B0428 firmware (JB 4.1.1, official version)
12. Measy U2C Official Firmware V411_130227 (JB 4.1.1, unofficial version)
13. NeoTV CR v1.8 firmware (JB 4.1.1, custom version)
14. Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 rooted with CWM fully functional (JB 4.2.2, unofficial version)
15. NeoTV CR v1.9 firmware (JB 4.1.1, custom version)

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Great initiative!
I only tested the official firmware for MK802IIIS 4GB/8GB.

A question: when switching to a custom ROM such as Finless, can you return to official firmware without problems?
I'm especially interested in this particular model MK802IIIS, because I own one.

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